CSA Contact Number

If you’re in the middle of a messy break up with your former significant other and you have children together, then you can contact the CSA on the phone for help managing child support – their helpline can be reached using this number: 0345 713 3133.

When you decide to form a family with another person through the union of marriage or maybe just accidentally, both of you will experience changes in your lives. Supporting a child financially is not something that can be easily done, which is why the Child Support Agency was set up to bridge the financial gap between separated couples.

Stereotypically if you’re a man, you have the option to leave your pregnant partner but you’ll be really considered heartless and cruel. If you’re a woman on the other hand, you are more likely to be the one left with the child. Raising a child is not that easy. You have to think of their future and this future comes at a cost. Living alone is hard enough – but if you have to feed another mouth as well as support all their financial needs, then you have to work doubly hard on your job to get a pay raise or even get a second job just to provide for your offspring.

This is why both parents should be the ones providing for the needs of the child. For parents who are not in good terms, the CSA or the Child Support Agency can be contacted for assistance to ensure the most important person in such matters, the child, is cared and provided for.

Call the CSA

Just dial their helpline on 0345 713 3133 by phone and on 0345 713 8924 via textphone if you set up your CSA case before March 2003. If you set up your case after March 2003 then please call the regional office closest to you, to do this you can either consult the table below to find your region or enter your postcode online at the official CSA website www2.dwp.gov.uk/csa/v2/en/setup/apply-by-telephone.asp.

Child Support Agency (CSA) Regional Office Phone Number
East England & Northern Ireland 0345 609 0092
Scotland & North-East England 0345 609 0042
Wales & North-West England 0345 609 0082
The Midlands 0345 609 0062
South East England 0345 609 0052
South West England 0345 609 0072