E.ON Contact Number

If you’re already a customer of E.ON and would like to enquire something pertaining your own account with them, then contact them on their phone numbers: 0345 303 3040 for prepayment queries or 0345 303 3020 for credit account queries.

Have you seen a satellite picture of the Earth at night? It looks cool right? The dark contours of the land are speckled and outlined by the bright lights of the well-lit cityscape. This image demonstrates man’s ability to harness the power of one of nature’s most powerful elements, electricity.

In the UK, one of the largest power suppliers that supply electricity to their customers is E.ON.

E.ON is more than just a simple electricity supplier though as it is consistently rated as being a leader in the field. One of their most important contribution to energy supplying technology is their research in renewable and alternative forms of energy such as wind- and wave-generated electricity.

Telephone Numbers for E.ON

To contact E.ON, you can reach them on the phone on their credit meter account helpline 0345 303 3020.

If your home is equipped with an E.ON prepayment meter, then you need to dial 0345 303 3040.

If you would like to get a business customer account, then call them on their dedicated commercial contact number 0333 202 4586.

E.ON on Social Media

If you prefer to correspond via Twitter, then you can just tweet them @EONhelp for support and advice on your electricity supply.

You can also send a message to their official Facebook account www.facebook.com/EonEnergyUk.