First Utility Contact Number

To contact First Utility customer services on their helpline for information, you just need to dial their phone number 01926 320 700.

Electricity is very important in our daily lives. We cook food with it using electric ovens,  we watch our favourite TV shows on televisions powered by it and we even communicate using it. It’s more than just a commodity, a very essential resource that we sometimes take for granted just because we can summon it at a flick of a switch or just by plugging our appliances to a wall socket. Most of the times, it’s also the largest electric companies that take advantage of us by overcharging their customers right from the get go. This is why First Utility champions cheap electricity – because let’s face it, all electricity is the same.

Telephone Number for First Utility

To learn more about how and why First Utility is cheaper than any other electric company, just dial their local-rate phone number 01926 320 700 to contact their customer service representatives to enquire about your electricity supply or the packages they have on offer.

Live Chat for First Utility

They can also be reached via a live web chat service if you don’t want to talk to them over the phone. Just visit to activate the live chat box.

Email for First Utility

If you’d rather drop them an email, then you can make use of the contact form on their official website us/service/how-we- handle-complaints

Social Media for First Utility

First Utility is a champion of making your energy bills cheaper. One reason might be that they’re super savvy with social media!

You can connect with them on their Twitter account by sending a tweet to  @FirstUtility.

Meanwhile if you would prefer to send an equiry in more than 140 characters then contact First Utility’s Facebook team

You can also discover their informational and promotional videos on YouTube