Groupon Contact Number

If you want to contact the Groupon customer service team on the phone, then you can dial their dedicated helpline 0203 510 0444, which is a local-rate London number.

The services offered by Groupon are two-fold. First, they offer businesses a very effective avenue to reach their target consumers. Businesses get a very cheap advertising opportunity by offering big discounts to their products, which although it may cut their profit margins on the product it saves them a lot of advertising payments. End-consumers also benefit by being able to purchase coupons that allow them to get products and services at highly discounted rates.

Customer Service Phone Number for Groupon

Groupon is a very popular service and as such there will be a lot of times when their customers will need to contact them with enquiries. This is why they made it easy by giving out just one dedicated phone number for customer services. Those who want to reach this Groupon helpline need only dial 0203 510 0444.

Social Media Contact for Groupon

Because Groupon is an online business, it makes sense that they are fairly active on social media. They are easily reached via Twitter. Customers who have enquiries for them can just tweet them @Groupon_UK

Groupon’s social media team also operate a Facebook account at, where you can send enquiries over 140 characters in length.

Email Groupon

If you prefer to write long detailed emails instead of bite-size tidbits on Twitter or on the public menagerie of Facebook, then don’t hesitate to send an email directly to

They can also be reached via their online contact from on their website