Plusnet Contact Number

Phone Plusnet broadband on their freephone customer services contact number 0800 432 0200 to discuss the cost of an unlimited broadband Wi-Fi package or a mobile SIM deal on depending on how much roaming data you plan to use.


Profile of Plusnet

Plusnet is both known as a home Wi-Fi internet provider and mobile phone network that specialises in roaming data packages to help customers get online on the go. Notably, the internet provider delivers high-speed fibre optic broadband to roughly a million customers across the United Kingdom.


Freephone Customer Services – 0800 432 0200

You should call Plusnet on their freephone customer services telephone number 0800 432 0200 if you have any issues with the home broadband or mobile Internet services provided by the company. Alternatively, new customers can enquire about any internet speeds and the installation process for a fibre optic broadband package if their postcode is eligible for this service. Similarly, you can use this number to set up a direct debit for your internet connection before also asking about the cost of any prepaid pay as you go cards. Furthermore, Plusnet has various mobile SIM deals that offer varying monthly text and online data allowances if you would prefer to take out a tariff deal such as their ‘Roam Like at Home’ offer. You should also use this number to purchase additional add-on roaming data if you have exceeded your monthly allowance but still need to get online. If you are unhappy with your broadband internet service or with the conduct of a specific member of staff, whether an installation engineer or member of the Plusnet billing team, then you can register a formal complaint with a customer service representative. However, if you wish to cancel your broadband subscription or leave your mobile tariff early then you will be subject to a cancellation fee that is calculated on the length of your contract.


Freephone Technical Support – 0800 432 0200

Phone Plusnet on their technical support helpline number 0800 432 0200 for free advice regarding a problem with your broadband internet service. For instance, customers can receive assistance if they have forgotten the login details of their Plusnet account or if they are no longer able to connect their laptop and mobile phone to their home Wi-Fi. However if there is a problem with your Wi-Fi router box then you may need to request an engineer to be sent to your home address to re-establish your broadband connection.


0800 Call Costs

Plusnet uses a 0800 freephone number meaning that all calls to their customer service department will be entirely free of charge from both UK landlines and mobiles. Furthermore, the Plusnet call centre is open 7 days a week as it is operated during the opening hours of 7.30am-10pm Monday to Sunday.


Plusnet Phone Numbers

Plusnet Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Plusnet Customer Services 0800 432 0200 7.30am-10pm Monday to Sunday
Freephone Technical Support 0800 432 0200 7.30am-10pm Monday to Sunday
Customer Services from a Plusnet Mobile 500 7.30am-10pm Monday to Sunday


Write to The Company

If you would prefer to write regarding a dispute about your billing or would even like to send off a broken mobile handset for repairs then you should take note of the Plusnet UK head office address:

Plusnet plc,
The Balance,
2 Pinfold Street,
S1 2GU,
United Kingdom.