TV Licence Contact Number

To call the TV Licence information helpline, contact them on their phone number 0300 790 6144. This is their main information helpline so you can ask all your TV Licence-related general enquiries here.

Getting a TV Licence is a prerequisite to watching a good television show or series in the UK. To be exact, if you don’t have a TV Licence, you pretty much can’t view any kind of TV programme whether it is good, bad or terrible. This is because it is a form of tax that you should pay and if you don’t pay and yet you’re using a TV set at home then chances are you’re on a list of people being investigated by the UK government.

Contact Numbers for TV Licence

If you want to learn more about the TV Licence, then call them up on their information helpline 0300 790 6144. You can call this number for general enquiries about what the licence really is and how to get one. You can also call this number for enquiries about your own account with them, for example if you are moving house and would therefore like to register your existing licence at a new address.

If you’re a little confused about the method of payment, then dial 0300 555 0286 for payment card information or call their phone number 0300 555 0281 for information about their Savings card offers.

Their textphone & minicom helpline is also available on 0300 790 6050 if you are hard-of-hearing.

Postal Address

TV Licensing customer services can also be reached via post, please address your letters to:

TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL,
United Kingdom.

Online Contact Form

They don’t have an email address you can write to but you can make use of their email contact form at